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Dunno how you did that, but you found Nichestars!

Typewriter with Writer buttons, vintageWelcome to, the low-key portal which handles newsletters, subscriptions, and downloads for Independent Authors Rick Smith, Joey K, Ryan Hogarth, and others.

You’re invited to subscribe to Rick Smith’s ‘Self-Publishing Masterclass’ monthly e-mail newsletter, which will bring news of Hot New Releases from our Authors and some of our Friends. There’ll be an opportunity to get your hands on these and other great books at 99c/77p, or even Free if you’re quick! If you’re an Author, you’ll also get regular information about the marketing campaigns and tests I’ll be doing with Amazon and Facebook each month. I’ll tell you what works, what doesn’t, and how to sell more books.

To subscribe, just click on ‘Stunning Covers’ on the top menu and enter your details in the form. You’ll shortly receive an e-mail confirming your subscription, and a link where you can download my book “Stunning Covers” completely free, as a token of my appreciation.

Check in regularly at my ‘Writers Retreats’ blog, for free Mini-Masterclasses, and Secret Weapons for Success as an Independent Author.

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